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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about DSM. Please check answers here, if you will not find answer then fill the Helpdesk query.

Frequently asked questions regarding DSM solution

Question Comments
What is maximum SD Card capacity? The maximum SD card capacity is 256 GB
Waht is the camera angle degree? 88 degree
Recommended device placing location A device is recommended to be installed next to A-pillar between the driver face and the top of the dash board.
Is drowsiness warning working OK when a driver wears sunglasses? Yes
How long it takes to transfer photo to server ? About 10 sec
What is the weight of 1 photo ? About 20 Kb
How long it will take to install DSM with FMC640 into vehicle ? Around 3 hours if doing it for the first time.
Where is recommended DSM camera placing location in vehicle? DSM camera is recommended to be attach next to A-pillar
What is the video length for 128GB ? Around 40 hours.
How can I review video files ? By extracting SD card from the device and inserting it into PC. Download the files from the SD card and run them on a video player.
Will I get photos only from camera functionality (Drowsiness, distraction, yawing) ? No, DSM camera has periodic image setting, minimum interval is 60 secs and maximum is 3600 secs.
Will I get photos if FMC640 is not connected to DSM? No, a connection between the FMX6 Series device and DSM is required.
With what Teltonika devices DSM has integration ? FMX6 Series
How far is DSM working distance? 80-100 cm
Is mask detection available ? Yes, the DSM camera will notfy if mask is worn.
What will happen if driver will cover DSM camera ? Camera will start making notification sounds until the view is clear.