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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about DualCam.

Please check answers here, if you will not find answer then fill the Helpdesk query.

Frequently asked questions regarding Dualcam solution

Question Comments
What is the best device to use DualCam with? Our FMX125 family devices are integrated to work best with DualCam solution, these include FMC125, FMB125 or FMB225 FMC225.
Firmware to install on FMX125 device for best DualCam support? The latest current firmware to use on FMX125 devices is 03.29.00.Rev.530 and latest for DualCam solution is V2.2.3, please see the link for the latest Firmware versions here
Picture quality received is very blurry, what can I do? Please visit your configuration settings in RS232/RS485 Tab, in there you should see DualCam selected. With this selection, you should be able to see DualCam Feature Settings with available resolutions. There is a variety of different resolutions available ranging from 160x120 px to 1920x1080 px. Please note that selecting highest possible resolution will make a bigger file which will take longer to upload and consume more data compared to 1280x720 px size. We advice 1280x720 px as best choice.
MicroSD card is not detected, how to fix this? It is possible that your microSD card is formated under different file system, please format the card on the computer with the FAT32 file system and then try re-inserting the card again.
How can I quickly check if my camera is recording or whether it is in working order? It is advisable to test the camera upon arrival with our videoplayer.exe software here, the link to download it can be found on our wiki page. Simply download and click on .exe file extension and the program will open. In there, please follow the following steps as described in our wiki page here.
My FMX device does not send photo to server even with camreq:1,1 command, received packet is empty. What can I do? Camera image sending is not being sent as AVL data, it requires special protocol from the server side to be implemented. More information can be found on our wiki page here.
Can I configure my DualCAM over RS485 input for faster data transfer? Our DualCAM solution only works with RS232 input for more efficient development and lower power consumption.
I do not see DualCam as selection on my RS232 input, what to do? Please ensure that the configurator and firmware of your device is at the recommended version. If you are not sure which version of configurator you need, please contact your sales manager or create Helpdesk query.
Why do I not see time and date on my photos and videos as seen in some other camera brands? This function is toggle-able and in order to turn it on, please go to your RS232/RS482 tab on your Configurator. In there please navigate to Camera Feature Settings and enable OCD Display. This feature will allow your camera to display date and time on pictures and videos.
I am not able to request photos to my Wialon server, the command is either unresponsive or shows me invalid command error. We have created a guide which you can follow step by step in order to set up your camera to Wialon servers. It is advisable to read through all of it as the there are specific steps to be taken in order to receive the photo, you can read more here.
There are further issues with my Wialon server, who to turn to for assistance and help? For any server-related issues please contact Wialon directly on [email protected].
What is the IP Rating of our Dual camera? The IP rating of Dualcam is IP41.
Is DualCam compatible with FMC225? Dualcam is compatible with FMC225. As FMC225 is developed on the existing platform, it keeps all the functionalities from FMC125.
Having configured the device when activating DIN1 to take an image (Front & Rear), and additionally capture a video (5 before & 5 after), which element will be sent first, we get only the image but not the video. The first item to be addressed will be the photo, as it has a higher priority. This issue has been resolved in the new firmware version 03.27.13.Rev:661, where you can now select the priority for either video or photo.
Is it possible to configure the device to capture an image from either the front or rear camera exclusively using the image sending trigger? No, the device cannot be configured to capture an image from a single camera (either front or rear) using the image sending trigger. When the image sending trigger is activated, the device will send photos from both the front and rear cameras. Camera selection is only available for periodic image sending.
In case there is no coverage and an on state is generated (DIN1 = 1), the images and videos are stored for later sending? This is not happening. It will be stored in the buffer, and if there is no server connection for a long time, it will be removed. Only video can be requested again using a timestamp.
Using the Codec12 protocol it is possible to send a packet to request a multimedia capture to the equipment (only the requests by sms are working). Yes, it is possible, some platforms like Wialon using the GPRS command to ask for a video.
Our configuration on the Teltonika models regarding communication is using Codec 8 Extended over UDP, the transmission of multimedia data is by TCP, in case we want to send a request (OTA) it must be sent to the UDP or TCP socket. Both communication methods can coexist without problems in the device. It must be sent via TCP. We cannot guarantee that sending it via UDP will work, so only TCP is supported.
Dual Cam, does it record video constantly on the SD and send it on request, or does it only record when requested or by a trigger? It records video constantly and after a request, it cut off the video that you request.
What is the power consumption of Dual Cam in full operation? 220mA night mode can reach up to 280mA
For the request of a video (by sms), using the command 'camreq:0,2,1684865884,5', understanding that 1684865884 is Unix time, if you want to take the video from the moment the request arrives at the Teltonika device is it possible? what happens if you put a value in Unix time lower than the current time, or a later one, for example, half an hour ahead of the present time? If the camera was working before the request arrived at the device, then it is possible. The camera can store up to 40 hours of video, so you should receive it if you request a video within this timeframe. However, please note that the request must be made when the camera was operational. If you request video from a time when the camera was powered off, you will not receive any video.
The requests (by sms) generate an answer, and in all of them appears the sentence 'Another footage upload is already in progress', even when we have not made another request. It is possible that the device is sending a video or attempting to send another file. It is better to have a LOG file that shows when you sent an SMS and what happens in the device when the request arrives.