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Questions about Power and Electrical characteristics

How to change the battery / is the battery changeable?

It is not possible to change the battery with the current device models.

How to turn ON the device / does the device need to be turned on?

Devices are turned ON from the factory by default.

What is the battery life for different advertising intervals?

EYE Beacon / BTSID1 EYE Sensor / BTSMP1
2+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 1 s)

1+ year

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 1 s)

5+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 3 s)

2.5+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 3 s)

8+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 5 s)

4+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 5 s)

10+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 10s)

5+ years

(Tx=2 dBm; interval: 10s)

Can I disable not-used sensors to conserve the battery?

It's not possible to disable only one or part of the sensors. You can turn on or off all of the sensors by configuring device protocol to send as a beacon.
However, there are options to create special order codes with assembly modifications with only one or selected sensors to be soldered and produced. 
If you dont want to receive particular sensor data, but have no need for saving battery life, you can can disable the related sensor IO element in Teltonika Configurator. EYE Sensor will be still sending data, but FM will filter it according to your choice. 

Can you provide battery life graphs according to environment temperature?

Is there any graph to estimate device lifespan with different advertising settings?

The graphs below are calculated with 10% safety margin to account for self discharge and variations in nominal capacity of the battery.

More information: File:BTSXXX CR2450 battery lifetime v1.2 for clients.xlsx

What is battery voltage when the battery is considered empty?

Around 2V is when the device's battery is considered depleted

How does the battery voltage translate into the percentage of the battery?

At the moment voltage is not directly translated into percentage as the voltage varies depending on the temperature sensor is in. We are working on battery life tests depending on temperature and various advertising frequencies and signal strength and we will be evaluating the possibility to send battery percentage in the future once those tests are done. For now, you can refer to the graph from the battery datasheet for a rough estimation of the remaining battery life.
Battery lifetime datasheet.png

What is the battery chemistry used in beacons/sensors and what is the self-discharge rate of these batteries?

CR2450 Lithium, Manganese Dioxide, Self-discharge 1% per 1 year

What is the direction of EYE Senor's or Beacon's antenna?

BTS Beacon/Sensor antenna is identical and its signal strength is very similar in all directions. 

What is the BLE transmission range of BTS devices?

According to the tests done by us using FMB1YX trackers: the detection range in an open field in real conditions for the EYE Beacon/Sensor was 80 to 100m. Take note that the maximum range will also depend on the quality of the receiving device antenna.

Questions about EYE Accessory configuration (EYE APP)

Whats the default pin?


Can you save configuration a template of a Sensor or Beacon and use it with another sensor/beacon when using the EYE app?

Currently not, but this is planned in the near future versions of the app.

Can you update firmware or configuration on a few sensors at the time via the EYE app?

Group updates are not available and are not planned to be available in the near future.

Why EYE APP does not show MAC on iOS (iPhone)?

The iOS operating system does not show MAC addreses on iBeacon or Eddystone protocols because of Apple introduced privacy policy. On iOS EYE app can request and display MAC address only when the device is connected in configuration mode.

Why EYE app does not display devices with iBeacon protocol on iOS (iPhone)?

Because of Apple introduced privacy policy iOS operating system does not return required data to identify Eye Beacons and EYE sensors configured with iBeacon protocol. Therefore we cannot identify our device and display it in the app.

Is it possible to configure the movement sensor to advertise only when movement is detected and if no movement is detected - no information is sent from the sensor?

It is not possible at the moment, and such a feature is not planned to be available in the near future. Movement status is advertising with every periodic data packet.

Do I need to configure UUID / Instance ID, how is UUID / MAC generated?

UUID/MAJOR/MINOR/Namespace/Instance IDs are automatically generated in the factory all are unique. MAC printed on the casing is assigned separately according to the list of available MACs and is not related to UUID/MAJOR/MINOR in any way.

Questions about FMBxxx compatibility with EYE Accessories

How many sensors can you connect to FM device?

At the moment 4 sensors (advanced mode), will be expanded up to 100 in the future firmware release which includes new EYE features. You will not need to configure the MAC address but instead enter the name(or part of name) of the sensor and all sensors with that name(or part of name) will be scanned in case there are more than 100 then the ones with the strongest RSSI will be scanned and put into the packet

How to configure FM device for reading data from EYE sensor with standard Teltonika configurator(advanced mode)?

Please follow the steps in EYE Sensor wiki page: https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/EYE_SENSOR_/_BTSMP1#Teltonika_configurator_.28standard_functionality_.2F_advanced_mode.29

Questions about Protocols

Are EYE Beacons and Sensors supported by other IoT devices?

EYE Beacons or EYE Sensor configured as Beacon should be supported by any device that supports iBeacon or Eddystone protocols. 
EYE Sensors have Teltonika protocol and custom GATT characteristics, so most likely support has to be developed.
Please check with the manufacturer of the device in question if they support iBeacon, Eddystone, or Teltonika EYE Sensor's protocol.
EYE Sensors protocol link:https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/EYE_SENSOR_/_BTSMP1#Protocol_description

Is magnet information broadcasted as true/false flag or with a counter?

At the moment only presence is sent(1 or 0). A counter is only included in movement sensor's data.

Is it possible to receive the RSSI value from the sensor/ID?

Yes, both send RSSI voltage in the Eddystone/iBeacon protocol part.
Source: https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/EYE_BEACON_/_BTSID1#EYE_Beacon_Protocol_overview 

What data can be read from the accelerometer?

Only angle at the moment, with special development it's possible to receive accelerometer data.
Angle consists of 3 Bytes, i.e.: Angle is received as 0BFFC7 in frame advertised by the sensor, it parses to:
C1 – Most significant byte represents device pitch. Device pitch can be from -90 to 90 degrees.
In this example device's pitch is 0000 1011 (2's complement) = 11° degrees.
FFC7– Two least significant bytes represent device's roll. Device's roll can be from -180 to 180 degrees.
In this example device Roll is 1111 1111 1100 0111 (2's complement) = -57° degrees  

Other questions (Questions without category)

What is the purpose of LED on the devices?

It does not have any functions currently that would be appearent for users. It's used internally for doublechecking device visually that it's powered correctly. It's left on PCB for future development options.

Can you calibrate the sensors?

Temperature / Humidity sensors are pre-calibrated from factory. There is no manual calibration option available at the moment and but it is planned to be available in the future. The should remain accurate within expected service-life time. If there are any specific requirements why the sensor be must be recalibrated earlier or periodically, please contact your sales manager with detailed description of your use case.

Can EYE sensors detect temperature less than -20°C?

It can detect less than -20°C we have been testing it in -40°C to +80°C, however, it's not recommended to use the device in temperature outside the compatible range for longer than a few hours. Temperature beyond recommended ranges will reduce the battery life as you can see from battery life graphs provided in this page.

Can the EYE Sensor store data in memory and send it later in case of BT connection issues?

Not possible with current HW assembly, in the future, we plan to have modifications with additional flash memory and functionality to save records in memory with an option to download data later.

Do you need an additional magnet accessory to detect a magnet with the EYE Sensor? What is magnet detection range?

Yes, we offer the needed accessory order code on our landing page The maximum range for magnet detection is 4cm. Please refer to the below image for mounting recommendation.


How to identify pitch/roll directions?

Please see attached image: