FM6300 Global Parameters

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Global parameters do not depend on selected profile; they are common for all profiles. To configure these parameters choose the TAB named “Global Parameters” and make all necessary changes

Global param.png
Parameter Name Parameter description
Profile change on event Allows selecting profile switching method. When 'Profile change on event' is disabled – FM6300 switches profiles depending on GSM operator code method. Otherwise it switches profiles depending on I/O events.
Record Settings Are used to switch between two data sending modes: starting from newest records or starting from oldest record. Active data link timeout defines how many seconds should FM6300 keep connection to the server before disconnecting after successful data transfer. Note that even if it disconnects from server, it always keep active GPRS session.
Accelerometer settings Defines accelerometer how many seconds should movement be detected by accelerometer in order to set movement for FM6300 application and how many seconds after movement is not detected by accelerometer FM6300 application should treat like movement is still there.
Static Navigation settings Functionality filters GNSS data and filters GNSS jums till movement or ignition detected. Parameter can be enabled or disabled.
GNSS Settings Allows choosing satellite systems – GNSS(all available), GPS, GLONASS, GNSS+SBAS, GPS+SBAS.
Network Time Protocol GNSS Settings, where you Enables/Disables time synchronization from NTP server when there is no valid GPS signal from satellites
Continuous Odometer settings Allows enabling or disabling functionality and start value setting.
Garmin settings Allows enabling or disabling functionality and Unicode.
DualSim GPRS Settings Allows to enter SIM APN, user name and password.