FM6320 sMode

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FM6320 is able to collect records using four methods at the same time: time, distance, speed and angle based data acquisition. Send and Save Parameters configuration is available in Features->sMode category:

  • Min Period – time period change that initializes record save.
  • Min Angle – angle change that initializes record save (only if vehicle is moving).
  • Min Distance – distance change that initializes record save (only if vehicle is moving).
  • Send period – GPRS data sending to server period. Module makes attempts to send collected data to server every defined period. If it does not have enough records (depends on parameter Min. Saved Records described above), it tries again after defined time interval.
  • Min speed – Speed based data acquiring. Records are being acquired when speed difference between last recorded coordinate and current position is greater than the defined value. Entering zero disables data acquisition depending on speed. This method is suitable for urban territories. Min speed source can be selected by GPS speed, LVCAN speed, ALLCAN speed, FMS Speed or KLINE speed.

FMB630 sMode.png