FMB110 1-Wire

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iButton list

Fmb120 iButton list.png

iButton list is used to store authorized iButton ID codes, which are used to authenticate driver in 'Immobilizer' scenario and deactivate 'Auto Geofencing' zone.

iButton number must be entered fully into iButton List (16 symbols in hexadecimal format), less than 16 symbols will not be saved to the device.

From 03.27.xx firmware version, iButton list is extended up to 4000 iButtons.

Dallas Temperature Sensors

Dallas Temperature Sensors.png

One of the realized features of FMB1YX is 1-Wire® data protocol, which enables connection of up to four thermometers (DS1820, DS18S20 and DS18B20). Dallas Temperature Sensors list is used for selecting the ID of currently connected sensors. The values of these sensors can be obtained by enabling Dallas Temperature Sensor IO elements under the I/O section.