FMB122 Installation Photos

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FMB122 is the device that has internal GNSS and GSM antenna.
Device should be mounted with the sticker view to the open sky (metal free). FMB122 area with sticker is shown in figure below:

FMB122 06.png

FMB122 is the device that have external GNSS antenna and internal GSM antenna.When placing GNSS antenna:
• Avoid easily reached places.
• Avoid placement under metal surfaces.
• GNSS antenna must be placed so its state is as horizontal as possible (if antenna is leant more than 30 degrees, it is considered incorrect mounting).
• GNSS antenna cable cannot be bent more than 80 degrees.
• GNSS antenna must be placed sticker facing down

FMB120 install3.jpg

FMB1YX can be mounted under the plastic panel behind the front window, with the sticker direction to a window (sky). It is recommended to place FMB1YX behind dashboard as close to the window as possible. A good example of GNSS antenna placement is displayed in a picture below (area colored green).
SIM card should be inserted in the module while the connector is plugged off (while module has no power).

FMB120 install2.jpg