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Congratulations to our partners in India and all players worldwide who are looking for India compliance device: Teltonika FMB208 has been successfully approved for AIS140 compliance! All our partners are invited to use FMB208 for growing Indian market. You can order first samples / first batches now!

Background: What is an AIS140 approved GPS tracking device?

The Government of India has designed an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) under Automotive Industry Standard-140 to increase the safety of passengers and ensure the efficiency of the transport system. The ITS is globally proven to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity. The ITS helps in improving the transportation system in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. The vehicles on the road are increasing daily and therefore there is a need of government guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kinds of public transport systems. The most reliable use and strict compliance of AIS-140 guidelines can help ease the congestion on the roads, improve traffic management and reduce the environmental impact.

Target market: FMB208 is a waterproof tracker with IRNSS support for Indian compliance market. What must comply with the standard?

  • State and government-owned buses and vehicles
  • Ambulances and all emergency response vehicles
  • All educational institutions vehicles
  • Rented cars and vehicles

Meeting compliance requirements: Device is designed to meet government regulation AIS140. Demands are well covered with IRNSS module, GAGAN support, 2 servers’ functionality (first IP for regulatory purpose and the second IP address for emergency), internal battery, accelerometer and gyroscope for ECO driving, Embedded SIM, tamper-proof (IP67 rating) and powerful WEB FOTA to fulfil firmware updates requirement.

Delivering more: Teltonika proudly delivers more value for GPS telematics providers by adding third server (Codec 8 Extended protocol used for 3rd server). You can utilize FMB208 with Teltonika standard high-end features:

  • RS232 functionality, including transparent mode – enables smooth data reading from external devices
  • BT functionality for smartphone connection, OBD dongle support
  • BT Low Energy (BLE) enables sensors and beacons – expands business opportunities dramatically
  • Security features as jamming detection, unplug and towing detection for higher security
  • Crash features – ability to detect an impact will save lives on the road and enables timely assistance, while reconstruction of crash allows to analyze event with a proof

FMB208 – a perfect choice to meet compliance requirements and deliver more value for the market.