FMB630 Auto Geofence

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AutoGeofence – the last known position after movement = off. If your car is being taken away – you can be notified. The shape and size of the geofence zones are configurable. There is a possibility to state whether entering in or out of the geofence triggers an asynchronous message.

FMB630 autogeofencing.png

Auto Geofencing option can be configured by following parameters:

  • Activation TMO – Time period before Geofence is activated after vehicle stops.
  • Deactivate By:
  • Ignition – if ignition becomes high it will drop AutoGeofenze Zone
  • iButton – if iButton is attached it will drop AutoGeofence Zone
  • Edit iButton List – if list is not empty, attached iButton is tested against iButton list, if match is found AutoGeofence zone is dropped.
  • Priority – Priority of generated event, which will be applied to saved record.
  • Generate Event:
  • Enter Event – Event generation on Geofence entrance.
  • Exit Event – Event generation on Geofence exit.
  • On Both - Event generation on Geofence entrance or exit.
  • No Event

Auto Geofencing does not require entering coordinates, instead it requires GPS visibility. If vehicle stopped and activation timeout is reached, Auto Geofence will be created around the vehicles last position by set Radius value. Auto Geofence event generation works the same as Geofencing mentioned above.