FMB630 K-Line Data

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K-Line Data functionality allows user to monitor and use incoming data from Tachograph via K-line. Kline periodic record timeout parameter is used to set interval between K-Line records. Those records aren't included in standard record and will be sent as separate packet.

To configure any K-Line parameter, every parameter should be separated with comma. For example, configuring first profile Kline Driver 2 ID by SMS, SMS should look like: “ setparam 1062 1,,,3” (“ setparam 1062 <Priority>,<HighLevel>,<LowLevel>,<generateEvent>”) Driver 2 ID do not have High/Low level so they are skipped by using comma “,,“ Other Kline properties can be configured in the same logic.

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K-Line front panel supported with Firmware version 00.02.xx[edit | edit source]

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