FMB630 Towing detection

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FMB630 activates towing function when below conditions are met:

  • Ignition (configured Ignition Source) is OFF.
  • Activation Timeout (set in Towing detection features) is reached.

When Activation Timeout is reached and Ignition is OFF, FMB630 monitors accelerometer data. If Acceleration or Angle value reaches configured threshold for configured time (in ms), device again checks Ignition state. If Ignition is still OFF according to configured "Ignition check after Event" time, then event is generated and can send sms or make call if configured. Function will be reactivated after FMB630 again detects change of Ignition state from ON to OFF.

FMB630 towing detection.png

  • Activation timeout – Activation timeout is time after which FMB630 turns ON towing detection function if other condition mets (Ignition OFF state detected). It is measured in minutes.
  • Make Call to – if function enabled makes call to specified phone number (configured in predefined numbers)
  • Acceleration and Angle – values used to detect towing when ignition is OFF.
  • Duration – defines time period to check Acceleration and Angle values.