FMB640 DDD files configuration via Front Panel K-Line

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All logistic companies are obliged to have DDD files ready for inspection. Till this point remote DDD file download was only available from the rear connector of tachographs. However not all kinds of tachographs support rear connection DDD file download. That is why Teltonika has developed DDD file download via front panel of tachograph expanding the supported tachographs for remote DDD files download. With front panel connection DDD files can be remotely downloaded from 12 Volt tachographs that are commonly used in such vehicles as:
Fiat Ducato/Boxer/Jumper
Ford Transit
Iveco/Irisbus Daily
Mercedes Benz Sprinter/Vito/Viano
Volkswagen Crafter
And many other makes and models

NOTE: Majority of 12V Tachographs only support download from Front Panel. To check which DDD download method is supported and which baudrate should be used, use Teltonika Tachograph Lookup From firmware version FM63.Ver.00.02.108 it is possible to get DDD data via front panel. To do this Connect K-Line to front panel K-Line and configure device as follows:

FMB640 Front Panel.gif

It allows to download DDD file data from tachograph front interface K-Line (Pin2 in front connector). To configure the device simply select "Front Panel" to be DDD download source.

In order to download DDD files from Front Panel, you will also need to activate the front interface file download functionality of the tachograph. This can be done with Tachograph Update cards.
•A2C59512046 - 10 activations.
•A2C59516603 - one activation.

In order to check if the connection/activation/configuration is correct, "tachocheck" SMS command have to be sent. If connection is correct, the device will reply:

•KLN:111,0000, K-Line:0
The ones mean the same as in CAN_2:111,.... tachocheck response:
CAN_2:[TRC],[ABCD], K-Line:[K]

[T] – Tachograph presence on bus:
• 0 – Tachograph doesn’t respond on bus;
• 1 – Tachograph responds on bus.

[R] – Response to Open Remote Session validity check:
• 0 – Wrong or unknown response (failed to open Remote Session);
• 1 – Tachograph responds positively (Remote Session opened successfully).

[C] – Response to Close Last Authentication Session validity check:
• 0 – Wrong or unknown response (failed to close last authentication session);
• 1 – Last authentication session closed successfully, device is ready to open new authentication session.

The other values will always be zero because there is no FMS data and the K-line is used for front download.

Tachograph is connected to FMB6 devices K-Line interface via Pin2 in front connector.
Next, the device is configured to upload DDD files via this connection. This lets the end user to remotely download DDD files using Web Tacho solution. Please note that in order for solution to work these requirements must be met:
1. Siemens VDO Digital Tachograph - DTCO 1381 release version 1.3a, 1.4 or later tachograph must be used.
2. Additional tachograph update card is needed to activate remote download via front interface.

Main advantages of DDD file download via front panel are:
1. Remote DDD files download from 12/24 Volt tachographs.
2. 24/7 remote download support (different than DDD file download from rear connector – the ignition is not required when downloading files via front interface)
3. Easy to set up connection and configuration.
4. Both CAN lines of FMB6 devices (CAN1/CAN2) are left for other uses.
5. Tachograph live data available also available.