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We are always improving our devices performance, stability and reliability. That’s why Teltonika is one of the leading GNSS trackers manufacturers in the world.
This document describes FMB640 devices firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

Firmware versioning

  • Structure
  • Syntax description
    • XX – client number. Value range: 00 – Teltonika, 02..99 – Specific clients
    • YY – branch number, shows major changes in firmware, i.e. new module support added or new major feature added.
    • ZZ – minor changes like small fixes, improvements and new minor features addition.

Firmware versions

(Latest firmware release version for FMX640)
  • NEW Added Accelerometer calibration improvements.
  • NEW Added LVCAN DTC Functionality.
  • NEW Added FMS AdBlue level IO.
  • NEW Added additional sensors 5 6 for euroscan thermograph
  • NEW Added new VDO counter elements
  • Tachograph Autobaudrate improvements
  • DDD download improvements
  • Faster sim in SLOT2 detection at startup.
  • SIM communication improvements
  • DDD Front panel communication stability improvements
  • Immobilizer improvements
  • 1-wire communication improvements
  • Data sending improvements
  • Thermograph solution improvements
  • Device communication improvements with tachograph
01.02.22.rev.04 2022.09.02
  • Improvements for manufacturing process. (No any functionality improvements made)
(Latest firmware release version for FMX640)
  • NEW added Euroscan Thermograph X1 and X2 support
  • NEW added: Tachograph driver name configuration.
  • NEW added: Iridium Edge
  • NEW added: LVCAN adapter over RS232 functionality
  • NEW added: support for codec15
  • NEW added: eSIM functionality implementation
  • NEW added: Additional tacho parameters.
  • NEW added: Tachograph Efas 4.8 DDD files support.
  • NEW Added: 1-Wire sensor IDs setting from configurator.
  • NEW added: EGTS protocol implementation
  • NEW added: EFAS 4.11 support.
  • NEW added: Time jump filter
  • LVCAN logging.
  • Tacho Mileage Jump filter port.
  • Manual CAN filter improvements
  • Periodic AVL packet send (when connecting to DDD server) improvements
  • Jamming detection for FMC64 devices improvements
  • Changed Tacho keep alive update state timeout
  • RS232/485 external device data sending improvements
  • Tachograph DDD files download improvements
  • Changed OneWire devices search algorithm.
  • Changed max. FOTA Web connection period = 12h
  • Changed max. towing angle value
  • Record saving stability
  • Tacho KLine (D8) improvements
  • Sleep modes improvements
  • Impulse counter functionality improvements.
  • Blacklisted operator improvements and changes
  • Battery detection on startup improvements
  • Tachograph EFAS Auto detection improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Advanced eco-driving improvements
  • FMS data reading improvements
  • Tachograph data sending improvements
  • LVCAN functionality improvements
  • Record sending logic improvements
  • Drivers Schedule Support for Web Tacho
  • EFAS 4 Tachograph support
  • Record sending improvements
  • Eco Driving Improvements
  • Crash Trace improvements
  • Tachograph/CAN data reading improvements
  • Front Panel Live data reading improvements
(Current firmware release version for FMX640)

Note: Newly produced devices come equipped with this version from the factory, we strongly advise to not downgrade devices to any of the previous versions!

* For more information please contact your Teltonika sales manager.

  • Tachograph FrontPanel improvements
  • Additional tachograph parameters added
  • AutoCAN reading improvements
  • Sleep modes improvements
  • Battery charging/discharging improved
  • Tracking On demand added
  • LVCAN DTC codes reading improvements
  • 1Wire TSH202 multiple sensors support added
  • Periodical TSM232 SBD records saving improvements
  • TCP buffering to SD card added
  • GPRS Remote log improvements
00.03.79 2020.08.10
  • Tachograph driver data handling improvements
  • Tacho download improvements
  • Record send stability improved
  • AutoCAN, ManualCAN improvements
  • Tachograph data reading improvements
  • TSM232 stability improvements.
  • Added TSM232 check feature in Configurator Status>Maintenance Tab.
  • Added Geofence Over speeding DOUT control in every geozone.
  • Added Dout Control to every geozone.
  • TPMS functionality improvements
  • Added Custom scenario event onExit feature.
  • Added DOUT control in progress event reset.
  • Added FMS Tell status IOs
  • Garmin improvements
  • LVCAN, ALLCAN, CAN-CONTROL reading improvements
  • DSleep logic improvements
  • COM modes stability improvements
  • TCP, UDP packets handling improve
  • Internal improvements for manufacture
  • UDP data sending improvements
  • Battery charge mode parameter added
  • GPS FIX time after sleep improved
  • Wake up from sleep modes improved
  • FrontPanel DDD files sending stability improvements
  • K-Line midnight record saving logic changed
  • ManualCAN improvements
  • Tachograph data reading improvements
  • FMC640, FMM640 support added
  • Movement source parameter added
  • IO elements data sending mode added
  • GALILEO and BEIDOU selection for GNSS mode added
  • Device and FOTAWEB communication stability improvements
  • Carrier freezer new parameters added
  • LVCAN, ALLCAN communication improved
  • CAN-CONTROL with DTC reading added
  • LLS fuel sensor reading stability improved
  • Immobilizer improvements
  • iButton read notification improvements
  • Accelerometer autocalibration logic improved
  • Continental TPMS improvements
  • New type of zone for Manual geofence added
  • DTCO VDO 4.0 tachograph support added
  • Tachograph data sending improvements
  • Records saving to SD card improvements
  • Ping mode improvements
  • GPS sleep mode improvements
  • DOUT control improvements
  • Configuration stability improvements
  • Carrier freezer support added
  • Tachograph data sending improvements
  • LVCAN setting program nr. via configurator added
  • Odometer value improvements
  • Accelerometer improvements added
  • Additional FMS parameters added
  • CAN CONTROL functionality added
  • FOTA Web functionality improvements
  • DOUT control improvements
  • SMS/GPRS commands improvements
  • iButton functionality improvements
  • FrontPanel DDD files reading support added
  • GPRS stability improvements
  • NTP improvements
  • Deep sleep consumption improvements
  • Alternative DDD card download added
  • K-Line improvements
  • Sleep mode improvements
  • Data sending improvements
  • Custom Scenarios functionality added
  • Additional MCAN parameters added
  • Static Navigation deactivation source added
  • New function for iButton notifications scenario added
  • K-Line record merged with periodic record
  • Configurator changes. FMS I/O parameter "Distance" moved to Tachograph Data tab
  • Tachograph communication improvements
  • FMS IO AdBlue parameter added
  • LVCAN stability improvements
  • Manual CAN2 list implemented
  • GPRS Limits added
  • DOUT control via call functionality added
  • Autogeofence deactivate by Engine RPM added
  • Tacho download improvements
00.03.08 2018.12.06
  • FOTA Web stability improvements
  • Data sending improvements
  • Tacho download improvements
  • Dual server functionality improvements
  • IO elements configuration improvements
00.03.04 2018.11.27
  • MobilEye support added
  • 100 geozones support added
  • MCAN2 support added
  • DOUT control improvements
  • Battery charge improvements
  • Records saving and sending improvements
  • SMS commands improvements
  • Immobilizer scenario improvements
  • Crach detection improvements
  • Status window implemented
  • Tachocheck SMS command improvements
  • Dual server functionality improvements
  • Overspeeding scenario improvements
  • Device stability improvements
  • Tacho download improvements
00.01.05 2018.08.06
  • CAN adapter (LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300) improvements
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) accuracy improvement
  • J1708 CAN Fuel Level/Consumption parameters added
  • Quectell Hardware support added
  • Zbit flash added
  • USB connection improvements
  • "On Delta Change" operand (event generating) added.
  • Codec 12 parsing improvements
00.00.13 2018.05.10
  • SMS sending for panic records added to code.
  • SMS events improvements.
  • Tachograph auto connect improved.
  • Fota Web support added
  • Deep Sleep Improvements
  • USB improvements