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Excessive Idling[edit | edit source]

Fmb920 excessive idling.png

When vehicle stops for a specific amount of time the scenario is activated, a record will be generated and digital output status will be changed to 1 when configured. You can configure the time it takes to turn on this scenario (Time to Stopped). Scenario is activated until the vehicle starts moving (movement is detected only by the accelerometer) and keeps moving for an amount of time that is configured. You can configure the time it takes to turn off this scenario (Time to Moving).

Unplug Detection[edit | edit source]

Fmb120 unplug.png

An event will be generated when FMB962 is unplugged from external power or plugged back in again. User can select the detection type: Simple, which is used in cars where power voltage is not dependent on ignition (recommended); Advanced, which is used in cars where power voltage is disconnected when ignition is switched off.

Bw nb.png In Unplug Detection and Towing Detection scenarios if Eventual Records is enabled an event will be generated (included into the sent records) only when scenario starts and finishes. If Eventual Records is disabled scenario status value is sent in each AVL record.

Towing Detection[edit | edit source]

Fmb120 towing.png

Towing Detection feature helps to inform the driver about unexpected car movement when it was parked. FMB962 generates an event when car is being towed or lifted, for example, in a case of vehicle evacuation. FMB962 activates towing function when following conditions are met:

  1. Ignition (configured Ignition Source) is OFF.
  2. Activation Timeout is reached.

When towing function is engaged FMB962 monitors accelerometer data. If acceleration Threshold or Angle reach configured values for a configured Duration, and Ignition is still OFF for a period of time that is longer than Event Timeout, then an event is generated. When configured, Make Call To and Send SMS To functions make a call or send an SMS to a predefined phone number. Towing function will be reactivated after FMB962 detects a change of Ignition state from ON to OFF.

Crash Detection[edit | edit source]

Fmb120 crash.png

If Crash Detection is enabled, it monitors acceleration on each axis which helps detecting an accident. Threshold and Duration values are set depending on the impact that is required to be detected. FMB962 can detect events ranging between a slight tapping on the device (Threshold = 100 mG, Duration = 1 ms) and a severe accident (Threshold = 4000 mG, Duration = 5 ms).
If Crash Trace is disabled a crash detection event will be generated (included into the sent record) only when scenario starts and finishes.
If Crash Trace is enabled FMB962 will collect acceleration data every 40 msec. Buffer is big enough to hold data for 5 seconds and in the event of Crash records will be generated from this buffer, following from these conditions:

  • Every second that acceleration changed more than 50mG, the data will be collected and records will be generated for a duration of 5 seconds after the event.
  • Every generated record will have accelerometer X Y Z values included.
  • Each record will have accurate timestamps in milliseconds.
Fmb120 crash trace.png

DOUT controls

Please refer to DOUT controls.