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Product change notifications (PCN) is the way of informing customers of upcoming changes related to Teltonika products. This includes outward appearance adjustments, hardware improvements, firmware changes, changes to package contents, etc. This page stores information regarding changes to the FMC230 tracking device. Below you will find a list of both upcoming and already implemented changes sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

2024 June: PCB changes

We would like to inform you that starting from June, 2024, there will be changes in the PCB's modification of our FMC234 devices. These changes affect FMC125, FMC225, FMC130, FMC230 and FMC234 devices.

Change description
Change type Mechanical part changes
Detailed description Change of mechanical components within PCB:
  1. U4100 changed to APM32F003F6U6
  2. Changed SWD pinout
  3. Added QR to BOT side
  4. Icreased TestPoint diameter
  5. Added TestPoint for reset pin(clearly visible)
  6. Removed modem USB TestPoint(clearly visible)
  7. Removed RF socket and cutout (Major change, clearly visible)
  8. Remade Palette just like in FMB1X0 project
  9. Discrete DOUT -> DOUT chip (clearly visible)
  10. Changed fuse to a smaller footprint (clearly visible)
Old version:

C TOP -1.png

C BOT -1.png

New version:

F TOP -3.png

F BOT -3.png

Change reasons The PCB shape in the afore-mentioned devices is updated to streamline the manufacturing process, making it more efficient.
Product release date 2024 June
Affected products
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
FMC234 FMC234******* order codes PCB's mechanical part changes
Change impact
Risk assessment No risk factors encountered with this change.
Suggested implementation plan Due to changes in device appearance we strongly recommend to contact your customs agent with our change log information, to avoid any unexpected delays in customs clearance process.

2024.02.19: Base firmware update

We would like to inform you about the base firmware update for FMC234 starting from 20th of February, 2024. New production firmware version will be 03.29.00.Rev.601

Change description
Change type Firmware update
Detailed description Key improvements from last production firmware are listed in errata:
Old version:
New version:
Change reasons FMC234 base firmware version update for modifications with SLM320-LA module and SLM320-E module
Product release date 2024 February
Affected products
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
FMC234 FMC234******* with 03.27.13.Rev.811 will be replaced to FMC234******* with base firmware New firmware version
Change impact
Risk assessment Client’s special firmware versions or order codes with special firmware will not be updated to latest base firmware automatically. During the transition period clients might receive devices with previous Firmware version used in manufacture.
Suggested implementation plan If you are using special firmware version and would like an upgrade to new features of latest base firmware, please contact your Teltonika sales manager.

2024.01.22: Modified battery placement within the casing

We would like to inform you that starting from January 2024, there will be a small change in the FMC234 devices casing. We have adjusted the battery placement and increased PCB guide height within casing. This modification was essential to enhance our manufacturing process.

Change description
Change type Optimizing robotic battery placement process within casing
Detailed description The modifications will not impact the place of the battery or PCB within the FMC234 device.
Old Version:
FMX - OLD.jpg
New Version:
FMX - NEW.jpg
FMX - NEW 2.jpg
Change reasons
  1. Modified battery placement within the casing.
  2. PCB guide height increased for easier assembly.
  3. Improved manufacturing process.
Product release date January, 2024
Affected products
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
FMC234 FMC234 all codes Modified battery placement and PCB guide height within the casing.
Change impact
Risk assessment During transition period clients might receive devices with previous casing design. The transition period can last from January to February inclusive.
Suggested implementation plan No implementation plan is needed.
Acknowledgement of PCN receipt
If no feedback is received within two weeks after the issue date of this notification – Teltonika may accept that this change has tactically accepted and can implement the change as indicated above.