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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is the official regulator of the South African communications, broadcasting and postal services sectors.

We develop regulations for these sectors, issue licences to telecommunications and broadcasting service providers, monitor licensee compliance with rules and regulations, plan and manage the radio frequency spectrum, and protect consumers against unfair business practices and poor-quality services.

Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that all people in South Africa have access to basic communication services at affordable prices. In terms or our licence agreements, operators have to roll out services in under-serviced areas and we ensure that licensees contribute to the Universal Service and Access Fund.

ICASA falls under schedule 1 of the Public Finance Management Act No 1 of 1999. Our mandate is set out in the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act, Act No 13 of 2000, the Electronic Communications Act, Act No 35 of 2005, as amended, the Postal Services Act No 24 of 1998 and the Broadcasting Act No 4 of 1999 for the regulation of electronic communications, broadcasting and the postal sectors in the public interest.


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