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Description[edit source]

SAE J1708 is a standard used for serial communications between ECUs on heavy-duty. The hardware utilized is RS-485 transceivers wired for open collector operation through the use of a pullup and pulldown of the separate data lines.

With FMC650, J1708 functionality is used to read vehicle's Fuel Level and Fuel consumption.

Because J1708 is not a CAN-BUS protocol, FMC650 CAN1 and CAN2 lines cannot be used to read J1708 information. FMC650 has a special J1708 Port, which utilizes an RJ9 4P4C connector.

FMX640 and J1708 illustration v1.2.png

Software Configuration of FMC650 with J1708[edit source]

J1708 configuration is done in the FMS IO Tab.

J1708 config.gif

When J1708 is enabled as a Fuel Level source, Fuel-related data will be taken from the J1708 line, FMS Fuel data will be ignored.

Connection with Vehicle port[edit source]

J1708 connector is not supported by all vehicles. Only VOLVO, RENAULT, and American truck manufacturers implement the J1708 connector.

Trucks utilize Deutsch 6-PIN or Deutsch 9-PIN connector, which are used to connect FMC650 to J1708.

FMX640 and 6PIN J1708 connection scheme v1.2.png FMX640 and 9PIN J1939 connection scheme v1.1.png

NOTE: Most of the Volvo trucks need an J1708 connection to be able to receive fuel level data