FMM001 Auto Geofence settings

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Fmb001 autogeofence.png

AutoGeofence is based on the last known position after the movement has stopped. You can be notified using this function if your car is taken away. The shape and size of Geofence zones are set by parameters. It is possible to state whether entering or leaving the geofence triggers an asynchronous message. AutoGeofencing options can be configured by following parameters as depicted in the right hand side figure:
Activation timeout defines the delay between the creation of AutoGeofence within set Radius value around vehicle's most recent position and when the ignition is off. Note that AutoGeofencing does not require entering coordinates, instead it requires GPS visibility. Event generation can take place on Geofence Entrance, Exit or On Both. Eventual Records is used to enable or disable Eventual Records functionality. AutoGeofence can be deactivated by:

  • Digital Input 1 – If DIN1 voltage becomes equal or higher than 6.9 V.