FMM640 Auto Geofence settings

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AutoGeofence – the last known position after movement = off. If your car is being taken away – you can be notified. The shape and size of the geofence zones are configurable. There is a possibility to state whether entering in or out of the geofence triggers an asynchronous message. Auto Geofencing option can be configured by following parameters:

  • Priority – Priority of generated event, which will be applied to saved record.
  • Eventual Records - Scenario status will be (or not, if disabled) sent with each AVL

record. Generate Event:

  • On Entrace – Event generation on Geofence entrance.
  • On Exit – Event generation on Geofence exit.
  • On Both - Event generation on Geofence entrance or exit.
  • Activation Timeout – Time period before Geofence is activated after vehicle stops.
  • Radius - Radius of circle where in center of it is last coordinates of device when vehicle

engine was running. Deactivate By:

  • Ignition – if ignition becomes high it will drop AutoGeofenze Zone
  • iButton – if iButton is attached it will drop AutoGeofence Zone
  • Engine RPM - if engine RPM becomes more than zero it will drop AutoGeofence zone