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2019.11.11: Standard Pack Quantity Changes

We would like to inform you, that Standard Pack Quantity (SPQ) for FMT100 will be changed from November.

Change description
Change type Packaging
Detailed description Changed Standard Pack Quantity (SPQ) from 20 to 15
Old version:
New version:
Change reasons More secure packaging for transportation
Product release date Planned date: 2019 November
Affected products
Model Old order codes New order code
FMT100 FMT1001AJA01 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AFD01 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AFIO8 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AGBO8 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AEOO8 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001ASZO8 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AOWU2 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AJRU2 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001A4PN1 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AZNN1 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AWPO8 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AJZO8 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AHH01 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AOD01 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AOUU2 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AEXU2 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AOX9I (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AMS9I (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AYDTG (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AYPTG (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AD9D7 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AYPD7 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AJA4H (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AOG4H (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AJA4H (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AOG4H (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1002AWPO8 (SPQ: 20) FMT1002AJZO8 (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AJHUN (SPQ: 20) FMT1001ACSUN (SPQ: 15)
FMT100 FMT1001AUN01 (SPQ: 20) FMT1001AUF01 (SPQ: 15)
Change impact
Risk assessment No risk factors encountered with this change
Suggested implementation plan No implementation plan needed
Acknowledgement of PCN receipt
If no feedback is received within two weeks after the issue date of this notification - Teltonika may accept that this change has been tacitly accepted and can implement the change as indicated above

To download the pdf version of this notification, click here.