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Thailand NBTC is an abbreviation of "National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Council Committee". It belongs to a typical government management department and has administrative penalty power. It is also the competent authority for telecommunications products and telecommunications networks. From July 1, 2008, for telecommunications equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment, the original mandatory standards for mobile communication products will be expanded to wireless related products.


Telecommunications equipment sold in Thailand is regulated by the NTC into three groups:
Class A: Registration
Class B: Approval Certification
SDoC: Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity

Class A Approval: The product must be tested in a laboratory designated by NTC and provided with the data required by NTC to obtain the registration number and certification.
The Class B Approval: certification process is the same as the Class A product category except that it can use foreign reports such as FCC, CE, CB... The certification application must also have a registration number and certification.
Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC): This part of the product is certified as a voluntary model and must be represented locally by the customer in Thailand. Fill in the SDoC form and send it to the NTC for inspection with the technical documents.


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