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This chapter is an overview of the GROUPS menu.

Grouping allows you to manage devices based on their configuration (APN, SIM card, different data from FM), use scenario, firmware upgrade, etc.


Under the GROUPS menu you can create new groups. Once a group is created you can add devices to that particular group. This can be done via the DEVICES menu. Please refer to DEVICES -> Move to group for explanation.

Once any number of devices have been assigned to a particular group, you can assign a task to the whole group via the GROUPS menu.

Groups 1.png

Or you can choose the group itself (in this case “demo”) in the DEVICES tab where you will automatically have all your devices filtered by your selected group.

Groups 2.png

NOTE: when the configuration or firmware file is assigned to the Group, the IMEIs which are inside the group will be always checking and updating to the assigned one.

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