FTC921 Device status

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Device Status displays information about the device. It also provides an option to update the device firmware version. FTC921 firmware errata

Device information


Device name — Device Hardware name/model

IMEI — Device International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

Firmware version— current device firmware version.

Last start time - Time when the device was turned on.

RTC time - Device internal time GMT+0.

Device uptime - Displays how long the device has been turned on.

Power voltage - Voltage level of the external power supply connected to the device.

Ext storage (used / total) - Indicates how much memory the devices has left to store records.

Battery voltage -

internal battery status - Display the internal battery level in percentage, as well as the current charging state of the battery.

Cellular information

Cellular information.png

Modem version - Connectivity module modem version

Modem status - Displays the status of the modem (ON/OFF/Sleep)

Network status - Displays the GPRS status of the device

Sent data - Specifies the amount of data that was sent from the device to the server, in Bytes.

Current operator code - Specified current SIM-card operator code.

GNSS information


GNSS version displays the firmware version of the GNSS module

Module status Status of the modem ON/OFF/Sleep

GNSS packets Number of GNSS packets received by the GNSS receiver

Fix status Displays the status of the fix

Time to first fix specifies the time, in seconds, of how long it took the device to obtain a GNSS fix from cold start

Time to last fix specifies the time, in seconds, of how long it took the device to obtain the most recent GNSS fix


Displays the number of Visible and In use navigation satellites from different navigation systems


Displays the information about current Latitude/Longitude, Altitude, Speed and Angle. Displayed current device position on a map.