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flespi is compatible with most of Teltonika Telamtics devices.


flespi is an innovative backend platform by Gurtam connecting telematics hardware of any type to various BI and telematics systems, providing unified data communication via REST API. The service can receive and process data from almost any telematics device on the market regardless of the protocol and store them in a standardized JSON format. Unified messages are easily accessible and instantly ready-for-use in your software.

flespi ecosystem currently includes:

  • Telematics hub – connect versatile trackers to multiple platforms quicker. Aggregate data from devices by multiple manufacturers and stream it to fleet management, IoT, or BI platforms from a feature-rich visual interface.
  • Device management platform – configure your tracking devices in a single spot. Send commands via GPRS or SMS from a user-friendly universal device configurator and easily debug any issues in Toolbox.
  • MQTT broker – enable fast and secure M2M communication. Establish reliable connectivity within your IoT infrastructure using advanced features from the MQTT 5.0 specification.
  • Telematics database — store telemetry from tracking devices, readings from sensors, pics & videos from cameras, and more. Get the data in an instant in your applications once needed.

Supported devices

flespi supports all the main Teltonika Telematics tracking devices. For any specific queries, please address the service provider directly.

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