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Teltonika brand includes the words, phrases, symbols, icons, designs, products and other distinctive brand features associated with Teltonika and our services including, but not limited to, marketing materials and all downloadable content on the site below.


  • Use our Brand Assets to refer to Teltonika, our services or anything else we offer.
  • Write Teltonika without any grammatical mistakes.
  • Write Teltonika as a single word, and capitalize the “T”.
  • Maintain the shape, position, color, and orientation of the logos without alteration or modification.


  • Incorporate the Brand Assets, or anything confusingly similar, into your or others’ trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content, if Teltonika is not involved at all.
  • Feature our Brand Assets on materials associated with (i) unlawful activity, (ii) content which is negative, disparaging or otherwise harmful to Teltonika or its users; or (iii) otherwise violate our Policies.


Download latest brandbook: TELTONIKA-BRANDBOOK-2019


Our logos Fast preview Original color White color
Teltonika Teltonika-logo.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - Vehicle Telematics TELTONIKA-VEHICLE-TELEMATICS logo BLUE.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - Networks TELTONIKA-NETWORKS logo BLUE.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - SAS TELTONIKA-SAS logo BLUE PNG.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - EMS TELTONIKA-EMS logo BLUE PNG.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - IoT Group TELTONIKA-IOT-GROUP logo BLUE PNG.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - Easy key to IoT TELTONIKA-EASY-KEY-TO-IOT logo BLUE PNG.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - Crowd-support forum TELTONIKA-CROWD-SUPPORT-FORUM logo BLUE PNG1.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - Wiki Knowledge Base TELTONIKA-WIKI-KNOWLEDGE-BASE logo BLUE PNG1.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - IoT Academy TELTONIKA-IOT-ACADEMY logo PNG1.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - B2B Academy TELTONIKA-B2B-ACADEMY logo PNG1.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf
Teltonika - Fota WEB TELTONIKA-FOTA-WEB logo BLUE PNG1.png .eps .png .pdf .eps .png .pdf


Teltonika Vehicle Telematics"

Teltonika Networks icons:

Coming soon...




We may modify these Brand Guidelines without prior notice by posting the most recent version on our website. You are responsible for following any modified terms, so be sure to review these Brand Guidelines regularly. All Brand Assets and other marketing materials or other downloadable content are provided by Teltonika “As Is.” Teltonika makes no warranties, express, implied or statutory, regarding the accuracy, completeness, performance, merchantability, fitness for use, non-infringement, or other attributes of its Brand Assets.