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GpsGate is compatible with all of Teltonika's Fleet Management (FM) devices.


GpsGate is an advanced GPS tracking and fleet management platform. It's user-friendly, secure, and optimized for large fleets. You can customize and extend it using scripting, open APIs, and its flexible user interface. Designed for solution providers, GpsGate's white-label platform allows integrations with other business software. Diverse fleets all around the world use GpsGate to become greener, safer, and more productive.

You can download the GpsGate Server here with five free units included forever.

GpsGate supports all Teltonika tracking devices.

Supported devices

A list of Teltonika devices that are compatible with GpsGate:

All FMBxxx, FMCxxx, FMUxxx and FMMxxx series devices

Special devices: FMT100, MTB100, MSP500, FMP100.

Supported EOL (End Of Life) devices:

FM1000, FM1000ST, FM1010, FM1100, FM1110, FM1110 (FW12.XX), FM1120, FM1122, FM1125, FM1200, FM1202, FM2200, FM3200, FM3300, FM3400, FM4100, FM4200, FM5300, FM5500

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