How to Install FMC640 on DAF XF

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Installation proccess

  • Below is shown main installation location:
Fuse panel cover
  • Carefully unscrew the fuse panel screws and fold the panel down.
Fuse panel and screws location
  • Where to find main connector?
Main FMS connector location
  • Connect the wires accordingly. It is recommended to use DIN 1 instead of DIN 3 for ignition detection.
FMB640 and DAF XF connection
  • After installation and device configuration of FMC640 (CAN1 should be selected – FMS/TACHO), you can check if installation is properly made. Turn on ignition of vehicle and send SMS command: “ tachocheck”. If response shows: “Can1:111,F2EF”, 111 -means tachograph properly connected, F2EF - or any other value which is not equal to 0000, means FMS data received also.