How to check available OBDII data?

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Please follow this tutorial to check what OBD data is available from the vehicle

1. Send obdinfo SMS/GPRS command to the device.

2. The device responds with: Protocol, VIN, Adaptive Timing value, requested PID counter, OBD application state, available vehicle PIDs, mil status, number of DTCs.

For example: Protocol:6 VIN: WVWZZZAUZFW125650,TM:0,CNT:11,ST:PROTOCOL DETECTION,P1:0x98180001,P2:0x1,P3:0xE0800020,P4:0x0,Fuel:OFF,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID0

3. According to the old info response, you can check available OBD parameters via OBD PID Reader. OBD reader can be found here

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Protocol:6 – specifies the protocol supported by the car.

VIN: WVWZZZAUZFW125650 - specifies car VIN number.

ST: PROTOCOLDETECTION - specifies the OBD application state.

P1:0x98180001,P2:0x1,P3:0xE0800020,P4:0x0 - specifies available vehicle PIDs. These values denote the available parameters in a given car. If all PID values are 0 (P1:0x0,P2:0x0,P3:0x0,P4:0x0), it means that OBD parameters are not readable.

MIL:0 - mil status, indicates the state of the LED (0- OFF, 1-ON).

DTC:0 – the number of errors.

Please find additional information here:

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