How to compose an SMS text according to your needs

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How to compose an SMS text according to your needs

This is applicable to TMT250 | GH5200 | TAT100 | TST100 | TFT100.

In Configurator, SMS text field could be composed to send SMS text not just with an event notification, but additionally it can be composed to send custom messages along with an event. Maximum message length is 160 symbols (numbers, letters and symbols in ASCII, except for comma “,”).

For example, Alarm event default format for a text message is:
Date, time, longitude, latitude, 'SMS text', value

Alarm event default SMS text format example:
Alarm Event SMS

Lets say we do not want SMS text to send us Date/Time, Longitude/Latitude and instead, we want to see a Battery Level and Instant movement values.

More about GPRS parameters list for each device can be found here:

TAT100 |TST100 | TFT100 | GH5200 | TMT250

In order to do this, in the text SMS field we need to show device, which parameters need to be shown.
Alarm %io11711, Battery Level %io50690, Instant Movement %io51050

SMS Custom Text.gif

Example below shows two SMS messages – alarm button has been pressed, when not moving and then alarm button pressed, when moving.
Composed SMS Alarm text example:
Alarm Event SMS composed

Composed format:

Composed format may consist of text and defined commands which start with % symbol.

Supported commands:

Command Description
imei IMEI
fw Firmware version
fullfw Full firmware version
modem Modem firmware version
gnss GPS firmware version
lat Latitude (non-float value)
lon Longitude (non-float value)
sat Satellites in use
time Timestamp
din1 Digital Input 1
din2 Digital Input 2
din3 Digital Input 3
ain1 Analog Input 1
out1 Digital Output 1
out2 Digital Output 2
pdp PDOP
hdp HDOP
exv External Voltage
gmap Google Maps link
mov Movement
odo Trip Odometer
op GSM operator
spd Speed
ib iButton
mod Data Mode
sig GSM signal
slp Sleep Mode
cel Cell ID
lac Area Code
tmp Dallas Temperature 1
mac BT MAC address
flat Latitude (float value)
flon Longitude (float value)
date Date in yyyy/mm/dd format
datetime Time in hh:mm:ss format
val Eventual IO value
io'par_id' Element value by parameter ID

Composed text example:

%imei Movement %io50010

Event SMS text:

352094082828606 Movement 1