How to connect Bluetooth Hands Free adapter to FMB device

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How to connect Bluetooth® Hands Free adapter to FMB device

Solution applies for these FM devices

FMB900 FMB920 FMB001 FMB010 FMB110 FMB120 FMB122 FMB125 FMB202 FMB204 FMB962 FMB964 FMT100



If you are not using Bluetooth®, please consider turning it off or change Bluetooth® PIN to remove potential risks.

If you are using Bluetooth® we strongly recommend using AES encryption for enhanced security.

Bluetooth® settings configuration

These are instructions on how to easily create a connection between a Bluetooth® Hands-Free device and FMB device. First the FMB device Bluetooth® settings need to be configured. These are the required steps:

  • Press Bluetooth® settings.
  • Turn on BT Radio by pressing Enable (visible). Local name will be "FMB1YX_last 7 imei digits" by default, which can be changed.
  • Set Security Mode to PIN only or None. PIN + MAC list or MAC list only security modes could also be selected, but in that case external device MAC address is required to be entered to Authorized Devices MAC List.
  • Set connection mode to Hands Free.
  • Set External Name as your hands-free device name for proper identification. In the given example hands-free headset name is "DMH10" but at least 2 characters are required to recognize it and connect to it. For better and quicker adapter identification on the network, you could enter a full device name. You could check your hands-free adapter Bluetooth® name by scanning nearby Bluetooth® devices using a mobile phone or a computer with a Bluetooth® adapter.
  • Go to SMS/Call Settings in main menu and set Incoming Call Action to Do Nothing as shown on next figure.
  • After all these steps press Save to device to save configuration.
  • Now FMB device can be disconnected from the configurator.
How to connect Bluetooth Hands Free adapter to FMB device.gif

Connecting Bluetooth® Hands Free adapter

Turn on the hands-free device and then turn on its Bluetooth® connection for pairing following your model instructions. A hands-free adapter should make a specific sound in the speakers or its LED identification should inform about a successful connection. To check if the adapter is successfully connected, dial the FMB device phone number and the hands-free device should start ringing. If you later restart FMB device it will automatically reconnect to this adapter.