How to generate SMS event?

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This is applicable to TMT250 | GH5200 | TAT100 | TST100 | TFT100.

Set Up Pre-Defined Numbers

In order to get notification if any of events are trigered the SMS/Call section has to be configured. Most importantly numbers has to be defined in GSM Predefined Numbers block. If SMS events are activated but there are no numbers defined in this list, then the device will not send any messages.

SMS Event SMS-Call settings.png

Configure I/O section

SMS events functionality allows device to send a configured SMS when an event is triggered. This event can be triggered by every I/O element. When any of the I/O elements is triggered, device sends a configured SMS message to a defined phone number.

The format of the SMS message which is received after triggered event: "Date Time Current Coordinate Event Text"

For example, if device is configured to send an SMS, when Movement reaches high level while configured with High priority and event generation on change (as shown on the figure below), then the sent SMS is:"2017/06/13 13:52:18 Lon:25.255537 Lat:54.667193 Movemement 1"

SMS Event IO.png

The SMS Text field can be altered and any text can be entered. Maximum message length is 160 symbols (numbers, letters and symbols in ASCII, except for comma symbol ",").

Bw nb.png If device is in Deep Sleep mode and an SMS event occurs with Low priority (which does not wake up the device, then the device does not send the message. It is saved to device memory until it wakes up from Deep Sleep mode and GSM modem starts working normally. After it wakes up, all the messages that are saved to memory will be sent, but keep in mind that only 10 messages can be saved to memory – all other messages will not be saved, until there is free memory space.