How to install FMC650 to MB Actros

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Installation proccess

  • Below is shown main installation location:
Installation location
  • Main cables, which should be used – twisted pair of violet and white-brown for FMS/CAN and Tachograph connection. The same line is used to read FMS data and to download Tachograph files. Additionally, K-line wire for live vehicle data from the tachograph is located in the same place violet – white wire:
Locating FMS and K-Line wires
  • Below shown the connection of CAN1 pair from FMB6 device to FMS/TACHO line on vehicle and K-line connection to FMB6:
3 FMS and K-Line connection to FMB6
  • To get proper resistance on the CAN circuit, needed to disconnect the resistance connector which is near the tachograph:
Resistence connector location

Resistence connector with attachment

Resistence connector

  • Recommended power source and ignition connection wires:

Power source and ignition wires

More detailed view of Ignition connection:

Ignition detection wire

  • Recommended place for GNSS antenna:

antenna prefered installation location

Installed GNSS antenna

After installation and device configuration of FMC6 (CAN1 should be selected – FMS/TACHO), you can check if the installation is properly made. Turn on the ignition of the vehicle and send SMS command: “tachocheck”. If the response shows: “Can1:111,F2EF”, 111 -means tachograph properly connected, F2EF - or any other value which is not equal to 0000, means FMS data received also.