How to use Breadcrumbs

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A new feature has been implemented into Teltonika Wiki - Breadcrumbs. It allows easier navigation between pages and tracks your path from the home page.

How to navigate with Breadcrumbs

  1. To open the Breadcrumbs menu, left-click on the arrow at the left of the screen. A navigation window will open listing the categories of devices.
  2. Choose a category you require and press the title. A list of all devices will drop down for the category.
  3. Select a device from the list you wish to. After selecting a device you can either go to the device page or press the arrow to the left of its title and a list of links from device home page will appear. Further on you can choose to navigate to those pages, or open more selections.
Navigation panel categories Device selection
Breadcrumbs 1.png

In addition in every page, at the top there is a navigation sequence that shows what pages lead to the current one.