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ISO 6709 Standard representation of geographic point location by coordinates is the international standard for representation of latitude, longitude and altitude for geographic point locations.

Buffer with ISO 6709 standard GPS data will be updated every second.

Function to take 3 arguments (latitude, longitude, altitude) and output ISO 6709 format (ex: +27.5916+086.5640+8850).

The required parameter is showed as the I/O element in the Configurator.

ISO 6709 standart gps data.png

This parameter will also be send as the separate I/O element via AVL Data ID 387.

New IO element will be available with Codec 8 Extended only.

Below, there is listed AVL data package received, with IO element ISO 6709 enabled.

Received data in hexadecimal stream:

00000000000000528E010000016F7F183310000F0E51DB209AB6DA0088016608000000000002000100EF010000000000000001018300222B3534373031302E323636372B303235323539362E373030302B3030302E3133362F0100004C9A Parsed data:

AVL Data Packet
AVL Data Packet Part HEX Code Part
Zero Bytes 00 00 00 00
Data Field Length 00 00 00 52
Codec ID 8E
Number of Data 1 (Records) 01
AVL Data Timestamp 00 00 01 6F 7F 18 33 10 (GMT: Tuesday, January 07, 2020 08:21:30 AM)
Priority 00
Longitude 0F 0E 51 DB
Latitude 20 9A B6 DA
Altitude 00 88
Angle 01 66
Satellites 08
Speed 00 00
Event IO ID 00 00
N of Total ID 00 02
N1 of One Byte IO 00 01
1’st IO ID 00 EF (AVL ID: 239, Name: Ignition)
1’st IO Value 01
N2 of Two Bytes IO 00 00
N4 of Two Bytes IO 00 00
N8 of Two Bytes IO 00 00
NX of X Byte IO 00 01
1’st IO ID 01 83 (AVL ID: 387, Name: ISO6709 Coordinates)
1’st IO Value 2B3534373031302E323636372B303235323539362E373030302B3030302E3133362F
Number of Data 2 (Number of Total Records) 01
CRC-16 00 00 4C 9A

Server response: 00000001

To parse the data to the correct value use the HEX > ASCII Converter
Hexadecimal ISO6709 data stream 2B3534373031302E323636372B303235323539362E373030302B3030302E3133362F
2B converted to the ASCII Code +3534373031302E32363637+303235323539362E37303030+3030302E3133362
Latitude Longitude Altitude
ISO6709 Coordinates parsed +547010.2667 +0252596.7000 +000.136/

It is possible to use the configurator IO elements Tab, to see the same coordinates values.

ISO IO.png