Immobilizing and locking issues using CAN-Control + Immobilizer

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Struggle after upgrading CAN-CONTROL to CAN-CONTROL+Immobilizer?

Possible encounters after upgrading CAN bus adapter:

  • Vehicle doors Lock/Unlock is not working;
  • Vehicle doors Lock/Unlock is working but engine Blocking/Unblocking does not and after sending commands, the response is: "CAN-CONTROL cmd not supported".

If You encounter with any of these issues - follow solution steps below.


After installation is completed and CAN bus adapter program is set, please, follow these steps:

  1. Do a learning procedure - using the vehicle key, unlock and lock vehicle three times;
  2. Send GPRS command - " lvcansetprog 11120" (or any other). Program number must contain 5 digits.
  3. Send GPRS command - " lvcansetprog the one that is for Your vehicle model". Program number can be seen in at the top of the CAN adapter connection scheme.
  4. After receiving a response to a command, repeat the learning procedure (first step).

Note: Before SMS text, two space symbols should be inserted if no SMS username or password was set in SMS / Call settings.

After completed these steps, commands to open/close and to block/unblock engine can be performed. All SMS/GPRS responses should inform You that particular command has been completed successfully.

Note: if installing CAN-CONTROL adapter into different vehicle - program should be changed according to the vehicle model and learning must be initiated ("first solution step").

If adapter will be installed again on the previous vehicle - program number needs to be restored and learning step must be repeated.