Inateck BCST-70 Configuration

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Configure FM device using Teltonika configurator

  1. In System settings, enable Codec8 Extended

    Data Protocol.png

  2. In GPRS settings, configure GPRS Settings and Server Settings.

  3. In Bluetooth® settings,
  • Enable Bluetooth®, set this setting as either "Enable (hidden)" or "Enable (visible)", otherwise Bluetooth® will be disabled
  • Under Bluetooth® Control, click Discover so it would detect devices within vicinity.


  • Once devices are discovered, select BCST-70-XXXX-SPP then proceed to tick Pair
  • After successful pairing, scanner should show under Paired Devices.

    Paired Devices.png

NOTE: : If in case the Scanner is not discovered, do the following steps on Bluetooth® Pairing.

Enable Bluetooth® Pairing

  1. Scan “Enter Setup”

    Enter Setup.png

  2. Scan “ Bluetooth® Pairing”


  3. Scan the "Exit with Save" barcode

    Exit Save.png

Scanner Auto Connect Configuration

  • Fill up the “Auto Connect To External Device“ with as follows:

    External Device.png

  • Select Connection Mode as, Inateck Scanner.
  • Enter the External MAC, can be seen on Paired Devices at the upper left corner.
  • Enter the External Name, can be seen on Paired Devices at the lower right corner.
  • Enter the External Pin, if the scanner has pin code set otherwise leave as blank.

  • Fill up the “Authorized Devices MAC List“ same with the External MAC.

    Authorized Mac.png

NOTE: : It is important to fill out the auto connect so you won‘t need to Pair the device again on the Configurator.

  • To receive the data to server enable corresponding BT Status IO element to Low.

    BT Status.png

NOTE: : If Scanner is connected BT Status value would be read as 2