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Firmware Version

We are always improving our device's performance, stability, and reliability.
This document describes firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

Firmware download for FMX125

Link: Firmware

Firmware errata

Firmware errata for FMX125

03.29.00.Rev.720 2024-02-20
  • Full base update
03.28.06.Rev.323 2023-04-04
  • SBD data usage limit reset on 11th day
  • Periodic record generation when iridium turned off
  • Panic record generation when buffer is full
  • Iridium Edge accessory detection (rs232 accesory 7)
  • Panic records generated when Io turned off
  • Din/dout byte invalid data
03.28.04.Rev.104 2022-11-29
  • Added SBD message buffer limit of 300 messages
  • Fixed part of SBD records that were of empty size
  • Fixed Iridium initialization
  • Fixed incorrect timestamp from SBD Buffer
  • Added ability to use SBD buffer in transmitting
  • Added ability to generate SBD records with AVL id
  • Added ability to read messages from SBD Buffer
  • Added ability to save messages to SBD Buffer
  • Fixed Iridium not detecting GSM connection
  • Fixed Iridium communication issues
  • Fixed incorrect data usage calculation
03.28.04.Rev.100 2022-06-17
  • Added data usage limit for sending via Iridium
  • Added Iridium data sending logic
  • Added Iridium FSM for parsing iridium edge terminal messages
  • Added Irdium RS232 support
  • Added SBD Record format
  • Added implementation of configuration parameters for Iridium Edge control
03.28.04.Rev.00 2022-03-17
  • Fixed Lipo battery max voltage limit increased
  • Fixed no SMS response to short number
  • Fixed parameter 11712 cannot be configured with value 10
  • Added cpureset command to only work with external power
  • Added iButton file open/close traces
  • Fixed FMP100 LED constantly on after fw update
  • Added road sign CAN elements
  • Fixed security states P2 bitfield map fix
  • Fixed Jamming records saved as low priority
  • Fixed Fluid Market GGPS command
03.28.03.Rev.01 2021-09-17
  • Initial release

Firmware errata for FMX640/641/650

( Firmware release version for FMX650)
  • Base FW.
(Latest firmware release version for FMX640)
  • Improvements for manufacturing process. (No any functionality improvements made)
01.02.18.Rev.00 2022-12-23
  • Added advanced BLE Advertisement data are not send on server completely.
  • Fixed no ID [1077]: 4 event generated after "Time TO Clear ID" timer ran out.
  • Fixed event ID [1077]: 4 generation and DOUT setting to '1' on key clear timer exparation code added.
  • Fixed FMB640 DOUTs bug fix, when DOUTs turns on for a moment after startup.
  • Fixed CAN2 bus normal mode is not working.
  • Added no BT changes and version/mod fix.
  • Fixed after DriverAuthorization device does not send SMS bug fix.
  • Added Contipressure new parameters.
  • Fixed device reset after configuration saving
  • Added Iridium Edge support Fixed AVL unnecessary records after restart.
01.02.17.Rev.00 2022-05-24
  • Fixed FMC640 Improve gprs context opening.
  • Fixed FMC640 Improve new gprs configuration for BG96.
  • Added LVCAN adapter compatibility over RS232 functionality.
  • Fixed periodic AVL packet sending (when connecting to DDD server).
  • Fixed RS232 Buffered long message when SD storage is used
  • Added periodic total odometer value save (if moving).
  • Added total odometer value save (on stop).
01.02.16.Rev.00 2022-05-24
  • Added allow not available (3,7) value for tachoraph IO.
  • Fixed scenarios are saving records even if not enabled
  • Fixed unstable additional beacons
  • Fixed FMC64 stability (try socket connection once)
  • Fixed jamming detection for FMC64 devices
01.02.15.Rev.00 2022-04-15
  • Initial release