March 22 Change Log

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1. Added additional information on RS232 / RS485 electrical voltage requirements and absolute maximum voltage requirements:

2. Updated DUAL CAM web page, added firmware version for DUAL CAM and FMX125:

3. Updated DUAL CAM web page, added DUAL CAM update procedure

4. Beacon list has been updated, Beacon Flag and Battery voltage configuration and parsing examples added:


5. Uploaded Anatel certificates for EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor (BTSID and BTSMP):

6. UKCA certificate has been added for FMB641 device:

Product Change Notifications (PCN)

7. FMC130 Wiki, Firmware errata (SLM320-L, SLM320-E2) and PCN (Product change notifications) has been updated:


8. New wiki page has been created IP67 Case:

9. New device FMB965 added to Wiki: