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OEM Parameters

Are available in the OBD devices,

  • For FMB003 03.27.07.Rev.562 Firmware must be installed in order to receive OEM data.
  • For FMC003 03.28.03.Rev.94 Firmware must be installed in order to receive OEM data.
  • For FMX001 03.27.12.Rev.143 Firmware must be installed in order to receive OEM data.

Before starting, kindly check if your vehicle is in the supported list, you can find the supported lists for OBD devices here

Note: If your vehicle is not in the supported lists, it does not mean that you can not install the device - Regular OBD data will still be available.

Configuration on the Device Side

  • Move to the system, and enable the codec 8E 

  • OBDII.png
    Move to OBDII:
    1. On OBD feature select OBD
    2. On OBD VIN setting: Select Auto, this will automatically fetch the VIN number from the vehicle.

Note: If Auto was not able to fetch the VIN number automatically from the vehicle, select Manual, and insert the VIN number of the vehicle. VIN should be 17 characters, uppercase letters, and doesn't include letters I(i), Q(q), and O(o) (to avoid confusion with numerals 1 & 0).


  • Enable the required IO parameters from the IO section by choosing the needed priority

After configuring the device, keep the device connected to the vehicle after the FOTA configured time, the device will automatically request to download the needed files from FOTA WEB to enable the OEM parameters.
We can speed up the process by sending a command to the device, <login><space><password><space>web_connect
This will push the device to connect to the FOTA WEB immediately.

Note: The device will request 1 or 2 files from the FOTA WEB.

Configuration via GPRS/SMS Command

An example of how an OEM can enable fuel and mileage via SMS

Send the following command to the device via SMS
<login><space><password><space>setparam 40000:1;40005:1;40430:1;40440:1


  • 40000 – OBD Feature
  • 40005 – VIN Source
  • 40430 – OEM Total Mielge
  • 40440 – OEM Fuel


  • 1 – Enable
  • 1 – Auto
  • 1 – Enable (low)
  • 1 – Enable (low)
Note: If no login & password for SMS, two spaces should be inserted before the command.

Find all parameters list of OEM in this link

Verify the Status on FOTA

  • Open your FOTA WEB account,
  • Search about the device's IMEI
Under Details, OBD section, you should see the VIN Number of your vehicle: Under Tasks, you can verify if the file is delivered to the device or not:
Task 5.png  Task 4.png

Server Side

The following example displays only two AVL IDs for OEM parameters:

  • 389 OBD OEM total mileage
  • 390 OBD OEM fuel level

Data serve.png
Find all AVL ID list for OEM parameters here


Before starting the test, the car's ignition should be On, If you were not able to get OEM parameters using this method, you may have to check the following:

  • Device Firmware.
  • Check the device power and OBD cables in the vehicle. 
  • Try to drive the vehicle for some time.

If the previous steps were not beneficial, then the vehicle is currently not supporting the OEM parameters and needs to perform reverse engineering.