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OpenRemote is a 100% open-source, self-hostable, all-in-one solution for all IoT, fleet management, and telematics needs. Compatible with the entirety of Teltonika Telematics product range, it offers flexibility while closely integrating with Teltonika Telematics hardware. OpenRemote supports multiple developer APIs for custom applications while also providing a full fleet management platform.


OpenRemote provides a 100% professional open source fleet management and telematics platform with the following key features:

  • A fully-featured REST API – The API can be used for device communication, historical data retrieval, resource management, user management, and more.
  • A self-hosted MQTT broker – The broker uses the latest MQTT technology to retrieve and send data to MQTT-connected devices, with the ability to create custom MQTT handlers for specific applications.
  • 100% data recognition from any Teltonika Telematics device – OpenRemote correctly parses any parameter sent by the device, providing full support for data storage, monitoring, alerts, and parameter constraints.
  • Bidirectional communication with any device – OpenRemote allows bidirectional communication with any device connected, allowing for remote device control.
  • SSL Encryption – MQTT-Enabled devices connect using SSL, thus securing the connection between device and OpenRemote.
  • White-Label support – OpenRemote can be configured for full white-label support
  • Multitenancy and User Access Control – Different users can be connected to their own, self-managed realm – different devices and users can be assigned to their own realms, with their own White-Label configuration, allowing multiple clients to live within the same OpenRemote instance.
  • A powerful user interface – OpenRemote provides a feature-rich user interface for both users and integrators.

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Supported devices

OpenRemote supports all the Teltonika Telematics tracking devices.

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