Sending SMS to FMB devices with 1nce platform

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If you are using 1nce IoT SIM Cards with FMB devices. It is possible to send SMS commands to devices from the 1nce Platform.

This can be done by logging into their platform from the website

  • By going to the tab "My SIMs" you will see the list of 1nce SIM cards that are in your account. (It is possible to filter your available SIM cards by IMSI/ICCID/MSISDN/IMEI/IP ADDRESS)
1nce Platform.png
  • To send SMS commands to the device. Select the SIM card to which the SMS command has to be sent. You will be forwarded to the "SMS" tab.

Enter a Source Address which has to be a valid value. (Recommended values from 1 to 65535).
If Source Address is not entered you will not see a response from the device on the 1nce platform.
In the "Payload" field enter the desired SMS command.
In the example "setdigout 1" command is sent.

1nce Platform 2.png
  • SMS command in payload has to be entered:

If you have set SMS login and password: login pass getinfo
If SMS login and password are not set leave two spaces before command: aagetinfo