Created page with "centre <b>GNSS/GSM/Bluetooth tracker with {{{antenna|GNSS/GSM antennas}}}{{{battery| and internal battery}}}</b>{{{pic|Image:Fmb120 man...."

<b>GNSS/GSM/Bluetooth tracker with {{{antenna|GNSS/GSM antennas}}}{{{battery| and internal battery}}}</b>{{{pic|[[Image:Fmb120 man.png|400px|right]]}}}


==<span style=color:#104996>'''How to insert micro SIM card into {{{model|FMB1YX}}}'''</span>==

<span style=color:#F49E21> 1. </span> Remove {{{model|FMB1YX}}} cover.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 2. </span> Insert SIM card as shown. SIM slot 1 is closer to PCB, SIM slot 2 is the upper one.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 3. </span> Attach cover.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 4. </span> Device is ready to be connected.

[[Image:Fmb120_cover_1.png|400px|left]] [[Image:Fmb120_cover_3.png|400px|none]]

[[Image:Fmb120_cover_2.png|400px|left]] [[Image:Fmb120_cover_4.png|400px|none]]


==<span style=color:#104996>'''How to insert SD card into {{{model|FMB1YX}}}'''</span>==

<span style=color:#F49E21> 1. </span> Push microSD card lock case.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 2. </span> Open microSD card locker.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 3. </span> Correctly insert microSD card into slot.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 4. </span> Close microSD card locker.

<span style=color:#F49E21> 5. </span> Push microSD card lock case to locked position.

[[Image:Sd_card_1.png|x150px]] [[Image:Sd_card_2.png|x150px]] [[Image:Sd_card_3.png|x150px]] [[Image:Sd_card_4.png|x150px]] [[Image:Sd_card_5.png|x150px]]

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