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TAVL Android application is used to connect to the server and retrieve and display information that Teltonika devices stores there.

WARNING: Teltonika reserves the right to change/add/remove functions. Also images and functions can be different from presented in Manual.


Launching TAVL application

1. You will need to enter your license key (contact your sales manager for license key purchase) and licensing server IP: 2. After submitting licensing window. You will be redirected to applications login window. In login window use Your TAVL accounts Username, Password, Client Code and Server domain.
Tavl mobile licesing.png
Tavl mobile login.png

You can enter TAVL client application as:
User – has basic permissions. User sees devices which are assigned to it only.

Power User – have advanced permissions. Power User can see all devices from all groups.

Administrator – have more advanced permissions (including User and Power User permissions and more), can connect to any user on the server, often this permission has owner of the server.

Client code – name of client you are trying to connect, if you are user or power user. Note: you may leave “Client Code” empty if connecting as administrator, User name and password must provide by server provider.


TAVL application consists of these basic parts:

Tavl mobile client information.png
  • Select Client – Name of client – this feature is available only for Admin users, simple and power users are unable to select client
  • Menu Buttons:

▶ Settings

▶ About Us

▶ Log Out


Object window contains two tabs: Detail View and Map View:

Tavl app object window.png

Detail View contains a list of all available objects for client. If objects are grouped and client is assigned to those groups, you need to choose the group in the top left corner. Possible states:

Tavl app moving icon.png Moving

Tavl app parking icon.png Parked

Details View

Object window contains list of all available objects that are available for the client You can arrange list according to Name, Update time, Speed and Ignition status. When an object is selected, more details are presented):

Tavl app functions for an object.png
  • Details
  • IO
  • Position
  • Trips

Details tab contains this information:

  • Last Stop Time
  • Last Record
  • Current Position
  • Current Speed
  • Today’s Distance Covered
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed

IO tab contains a list of all I/O elements, which are enabled in device configuration and their values.
Position tab gives map view of selected object with possibility to create quickest route by pressing route icon.Tavl app route icon.png
Trips tab – shows the list of all trips for selected period of time. To select period press filtering icon. Tavl app filter icon.png Possible periods:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week

By clicking on selected trip it will be displayed on the map.

Map View

Tavl app map view.png

Here you can observer all objects on the MAP. When object icon is pressed, current location and status is displayed. There is same possibility as in Detail View/Position to create quickest route by pressing route icon Tavl app route icon.png.