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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Operating Systems are supported by the TCT?
The current TCT version is compatible only with Windows OS. TCT does not support Mac OS, Linux, or other OS platforms at the moment, for more information please check our wiki page. >>> Minimum System Requirements
  • Is TCT supported by the mobile platforms?
No, mobile version of TCT is not available.
  • Which device firmware versions support TCT?
Teltonika Telematics devices with firmware version 03.27.13.Rev.03 or higher are supported by the TCT. 
  • Does TCT support any of the Special/Experimental Firmware versions?
At the moment - no. Though support of some of the Special firmware versions will be added gradually. Experimental firmware versions won’t be supported. The client can still use the old FMB configurator to setup devices with experimental firmware version. 
  • What happens if a device with unsupported firmware version is connected?
TCT will return a warning that correct firmware version must be used and will allow you to update the firmware through TCT.
  • Which Teltonika Telematics devices are supported by the TCT?
TCT  supports all Teltonika Telematics devices., except the former Teltonika Mobility devices - TFT100, TST100, TAT100, GH5200, TMT250
  • Are there any plans to support currently available Autonomous devices in TCT?
No, the currently available Autonomous devices like TAT100 won't be supported by the TCT. 
  • Can we manually adjust the Screen Resolution of TCT?
No, but TCT automatically adapts to different screen sizes.  
  • Which languages TCT support?
Currently, TCT is only available in the English language. Though in the future we might add more languages. 
  • Can we check the current device Configuration File name on TCT?
Yes, please check our wiki page for more information. >>> Editing a Configuration file. 
  • How to check the Parameter ID using the TCT?
Mouseover to the ID icon inside the parameter box. Please check the visual example below.
  • How to use tooltip?
Mouse over to the 'i' icon located on the upper left side of the parameter box to view the summarized description of the parameter, click that icon to see more detailed information. Please check the visual example below.
  • Is it possible to search for parameters using Parameter ID/Keyword?
Yes, please check our wiki page for more information. >>> TCT Search. 

  • How to find debug information? Where log files will be saved?
By opening Configuration settings, you will see the path of the log files saving place. Log files will be saved locally. >>> TCT Maintenance. 

  • Will the old FMB Configurator support new firmware releases and new devices in the future?
FMB Configurator will still be maintained and have its own new releases with support for new firmware versions till it reaches the EOL final stage.
  • When is the EOL of the FMB configurator?
The EOL of FMB configurator is not announced yet. We want to give our customers enough time to get used to TCT, before discontinuing the FMB configurator.