TFT100 Beacon List

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Beacon Settings

Beacon Settings.PNG

Beacon Detection

  • Disabled – Functionality disabled.
  • All – Any visible beacon is detected (Max. 100).
  • Configured – Only data received from listed beacons in Beacon List is sent to server.

Beacon Record

  • Eventual – Record is sent after the scanning procedure is completed. This parameter depends on Update Frequency that is configured in Bluetooth 4.0
  • Periodic – Record will be saved based on configured time period.
    • Record Period on Move - Timer for record generation when the device is moving.
    • Record Period on Stop - Timer for record generation when the device is staying at the place.

Beacon List


List of authorized beacons. Eddystone and iBeacon protocols are supported.
Beacon IDs can be entered the following way:

  • Namspace:InstanceID
  • UUID:Major:Minor

Any of the ID parts can be omitted. Ex. Namespace:, UUID::, UUID::Minor, etc.
Note! UUID, Namespace or Major/Minor for iBeacon and Namespace for Eddystone.

If Beacon Detection selected as Configured, then beacons will be detected and their data transmitted to the server only if their IDs are included in Beacon List.

iBeacon and Eddystone data frame has the following structure:

  • iBeacon – 20 Bytes (UUID(16 Bytes):major(2 Bytes):minor(2 Bytes))
  • Eddystone – 16 Bytes (Namespace(10 Bytes):Instance ID(6 Bytes))