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Small, professional and waterproof tracker for e-forklifts and e-scooters with internal high gain GNSS/GSM antennas, Bluetooth® wireless technology, high capacity internal Li-Ion battery and 10-97 V power supply range for integration variety.

Package contents

The TFT100 device is supplied to the customer in a cardboard box containing all the equipment that is necessary for operation. The package contains:

  • TFT100 device;
  • Power supply and communication cable;
  • Integrated Li-ion battery 3.7 V, 1800 mAh for TFT100 device;
  • USB cable (optional).

Basic characteristics

GSM / GPRS / GNSS features:

  • Teltonika TM2500 quad band module (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz);
  • GPRS Multi-Slot class 12 (up to 85.6 kbps);
  • SMS (text, data);
  • Integrated GNSS receiver;
  • Up to -165 dBm GNSS receiver sensitivity.

Hardware features:

  • 128 MB internal Flash memory;
  • Built-in movement sensor;
  • Integrated Li-ion battery 3.7 V, 1800 mAh for TFT100 device;
  • Internal High Gain GSM antenna;
  • Internal High Gain GNSS antenna.

Interface features:

  • Power supply: 10 ... 97 V;
  • USB port;
  • 1 x AIN1/DIN1;
  • 1 x AIN2/DIN2;
  • 1 x DOUT1/DIN3 (selectable in configurator);
  • 1 x DOUT2/DIN4 (selectable in configurator);
  • CAN / RS485 / RS232 / UART communication wires (depending on chosen TFT100 modification);
  • 1-Wire®;
  • 2 LED's indicating device status.

Special features:

  • High Quality track even in high density urban canyon;
  • Ready for harsh environment;
  • Any element event triggers (external sensor, input, speed, temperature, etc.);
  • Highly configurable data acquisition and sending;
  • Multiple Geo-fence areas;
  • Sleep mode;
  • Deep sleep mode;
  • Configurable scenarios available;
  • Real-time process monitoring;
  • Authorized number list for remote access;
  • Firmware update over GPRS, BT or USB port;
  • Configuration update over GPRS, SMS or USB port;
  • TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol support;
  • >500 000 record storing;
  • Overvoltage protection;
  • Bosch CAN Powertrain & Askoll CAN protocol support.

Description Voltage Duration
Normal operation +10 ... +97 V Unlimited
Protection turns on, device turns off 98.43 V Unlimited
Maximum voltage < 98 V Unlimited
Maximum voltage impulse 135 V 10 ms

Technical features

Part name Physical specification
Navigation indication LED
Modem indication LED
USB Mini USB socket
GNSS Internal GNSS antenna
GSM Internal GSM antenna

Technical details Desription
Dimensions 72,5 x 73 x 27,3 mm (L x W x H)
Weight (full assembly) 169 g
Current consumption:
TFT100-22 12V 48V 97V DOUT 1-Wire Interface (CAN/RS4/RS2/UART)
GPRS ON (data sending 1 sec) 68.8mA 18mA 11.2mA ON ON ON
GPRS ON (data sending 30 sec) 39.4mA 11.8mA 7.88mA ON ON ON
GPRS OFF 33.4mA 10.8mA 7.45mA ON ON ON
GPS Sleep, GPRS OFF 19.5mA 6.47mA 6.29mA ON ON ON
Online Deep Sleep, GPRS OFF 12.1mA 4.57mA 4.48mA ON ON ON
Deep Sleep, GPRS OFF 11.9mA 4.5mA 4.44mA ON ON ON
Ultra Deep Sleep, GPRS OFF 7.97mA 3.48mA 3.92mA OFF OFF OFF
3.7V 1800 mAh internal Li-ion battery
Average current consumption Approximate battery life
GPRS ON, data sending 1s 130mA 14h
GPRS ON, data sending 30s 85.6mA 21h
GPRS OFF 76.7mA 24h
GPS sleep mode, GPRS OFF 41.4mA 43h
Online Deep Sleep mode, GPRS OFF 24.9mA 72h
Deep Sleep mode, GPRS OFF 24.3mA 74h
Ultra Deep Sleep mode, GPRS OFF 14.2mA 127h

Dimension drawing:

TFT100 view dims.jpg

Technical information about internal battery

Internal back-up battery Battery voltage (V) Nominal capacity (mAh) Power (Wh) Charging temperature (°C)
Li-ion rechargeable battery 3.6 V (nominal) 1800 6.66 0 ~ 45

Batteries are covered by 6 month warranty support.

Bw disposal.png Battery should not be disposed of into general household waste.
Bring damaged or worn-out batteries to your local recycling center or dispose them into a battery recycle bin commonly found in supermarkets.

Absolute maximum ratings

Characteristic description Value
Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage
(Absolute Maximum Ratings)
+10 +97 V
Digital Input 1/2 Voltage (if AIN is configured to 15 V)
(Absolute Maximum Ratings, DIN state 0->1)
+2.5 +15 V
Digital Input 1/2 Voltage (if AIN is configured to 150 V)
(Absolute Maximum Ratings, DIN state 0->1)
+9 +150 V
Analog Input 1/2 Voltage (if AIN is configured to 15 V)
(Absolute Maximum Ratings)
0 +15 V
Analog Input 1/2 Voltage (if AIN is configured to 150 V)
(Absolute Maximum Ratings)
0 +150 V
Digital Output 1/2 and Digital Input 3/4 Voltage
(Absolute Maximum Ratings)
0 +150 V
Digital Output 1/2 and Digital Input 3/4 Current
(Absolute Maximum Ratings)
0 300 mA