TFT100 Trip/Odometer settings

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Trip Settings

Trip settings.jpg

Trip section offers user to configure the Trip feature. Trip starts when Ignition according to Ignition source is ON and also 'Start Speed' is exceeded.

  • Mode - Here the user can select Odometer distance counter mode.
    • Continuous - Trip distance is going to be counted continuously (from Trip start to Trip end) and written to I/O Trip Odometer value field. When Trip is over and the next Trip begins, Trip Odometer value is reset to zero.
    • Between Records - the distance is going to be counted between every record made. This value is written to I/O Trip Odometer value field and is reset to zero every new record until the Trip ends. If later all Odometer values are summed up manually, the distance driven during the whole duration of the Trip can be obtained.
  • Start Speed - defines the minimum GPS speed in order to detect Trip start.
  • Ignition OFF Timeout - is the timeout value to detect Trip end once the Ignition (configured ignition source) is OFF.
Fmb120 trip mode.png


TFT100 Odometer.png
  • Calculation Source - allows to choose Odometer calculation source.
    • GNSS
    • CAN
  • Odometer Value - sets the starting total odometer value.