TMT250 SMS events

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SMS Events

Note: This feature is available forwards from FW version 55.02.03.Rev.05

Difference from older versions:

  • All non-eventual IOs no longer have configurable sms text and number fields, now it can only be configured in SMS Events tab with 10 slots in total.
  • All manual geozones SMS Text fields and Send SMS To were also removed and can only be configured using SMS Events tab.

Description SMS events functionality allows the device to send a configured SMS when an event is triggered. This event can be triggered by every I/O element. When any of the I/O elements are triggered, the device sends a configured SMS message to a defined phone number.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 15-04-31 5.6. SMS Events - Mobility documentation.png

SMS messages can be sent to Predefined phone numbers (recipients) if any of the selected IO events are triggered. Users can send SMS alert messages of selected events to a maximum of 10 predefined phone numbers. AVL ID of the parameter has to be entered in the configuration to receive its SMS event.

Note: Multiple identical AVL IDs can be used in a table for sending SMS to multiple numbers. Eventual IO AVL IDs can’t be used as they are processed separately.

Note: Feature only available from firmware version 55.02.03.Rev.02 and later.