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Teltonika TSM232 is the Iridium SATELLITE terminal with a backup battery. The full solution combines Teltonika TSM232 with Teltonika FM63XY, FMB630, or FMB640 connected via RS232. This solution allows transferring data to a server via the Iridium satellite network when other terrestrial networks are unavailable. High capacity internal Ni-MH battery ensures long autonomous working hours when the main power source is disconnected. Such a solution meets the demand for high-security logistics, marine transport, construction & mining transport, oil/gas industry, public safety, government/defense, and more.

Basic characteristics


  • Data transferring via Iridium satellite network when GSM network is unavailable
  • Smart RS232 communication algorithm
  • One FM63XY/FMB630/FMB640 message size forwarded to TSM232 is only 14bytes
  • Message contains: Time/Coordinates/Speed/DIN1-4/DOUT1-2/Event ID
  • Data sending can be initiated by periodic time interval or by panic priority event Specification:
  • Iridium satellite transceiver 9603
  • CPU STM32F103VDH6


  • RS232
  • External Iridium antenna
  • Internal Ni-MH backup rechargeable battery 7.2V 400mAh
  • External power input DC 10-30V
  • USB
  • Digital input
  • Analog input
  • Digital output

Technical Information about internal battery

Internal backup battery Battery voltage


Nominal capacity (mAh) Power(Wh)(mAh) Charging temperature (°C) Standard discharge temperature (°C)
Ni-MH Prismatic Battery pack 7,2 ~7,5 400 2,95 – 3,07 Ambient Temperature: 20±5 Ambient Temperature: 20±5

Bw disposal.png Battery should not be disposed of into general household waste.
Bring damaged or worn-out batteries to your local recycling center or dispose them into a battery recycle bin commonly found in supermarkets.

Technical characteristics

Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage
Supply Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) +10 +30 V
Digital Output (Open Drain grade)
Drain current (Digital Output OFF) 120 μA
Drain current (Digital Output ON, Recommended Operating Conditions) 500 mA
Static Drain-Source resistance (Digital Output ON) 120
Digital Input
Input resistance (DIN1) 59,9
Input Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) 0 60 V
Input Voltage threshold (DIN1) 7,5 7,7 8 V
Analog Input
Input Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions), Range1 0 10 V
Input resistance, Range1 120

Additional specifications:

  • Input current/power specification - 1 A Max.
  • Use 3A, 125V external fuse.
  • Internal fuse specifications: Quick-acting; Rated current: 3A; Rated Breaking Capacity: 50A @ AC/DC 125V.
  • The device uses SELV limited power source. The nominal voltage is 12 V DC. The allowed range of voltage is 10 V...30 V DC. 

TSM232 Current consumption from battery

Mode/Voltage battery 12 V 7.2 V
Disconnected RS232 23.575 37.736
Connected RS232 (0 min send) with SIM (sleep) 8.246 14.994
Connected RS232 (1 min send) 19.808 30.473

Certification & Approvals



Product Change Notifications

2019.12.13: Top Sticker/Tampography Changes

We would like to inform you, that sticker changed to tampography of TSM232 Satellite terminals and was updated in the factory on the 13th of December.

Change description
Change type External/visual
Detailed description Top Sticker/Tampography design changed
Old Sticker Version:
TSM232 Old Sticker.png
New Tampography Version:
TSM232 New Tamp.png
Change reasons 1. The Sticker was changed to Tampography
2. Added Teltonika address label Saltoniskiu st. 9B-1
3. Added WEEE label. (WEEE - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
4. Added EAC label. (EAC - Eurasian Conformity mark)
5. Added E25 label. (E25 - E-Mark is the regulations issued by the Economic Commission for Europe)
6. Added CE label. (CE - certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards)
Product release date Updated tampography will be used from the time when the stock will be sold all leftovers.
Affected products
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
TSM232 TSM232******* No changes
Change impact
Risk assessment No risk factors encountered with this change
Suggested implementation plan No implementation plan needed
Acknowledgement of PCN receipt
If no feedback is received within two weeks after the issue date of this notification - Teltonika may accept that this change has been tacitly accepted and can implement the change as indicated above

To download the pdf version of this notification, click here.

2019.07.10: new eco friendly box

Effective July 2019 week 28, TSM232 Satellite terminals will be packed with a new eco-friendly box.

Change description
Change type Packaging
Detailed description Improved and more environmentally friendly packaging box
Old version:
DSC 0028 iskirpta v2.png
New version:
Small-box FM3001.png
Change reasons The new box is better for the environment
Product release date July 2019, week 28

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