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TST100 Jamming.png

When jamming is detected the scenario is activated, an event record is generated status is changed to 1 when configured once Jamming timeout runs out. If jamming ends during timeout countdown no event will be generated. Eventual Records parameter can be configured: when it is disabled scenario status value will appear in each AVL record, otherwise it will be appended only to eventual records.

Unauthorized movement

TST100 Unauthorized movement.png

If scooter is unlocked, then no event will be generated on movement detection or stop. If scooter is locked and movement is detected for configured timeout, then event generation and buzzer alarm will be triggered.
If no movement is detected for configured timeout, then event generation will be triggered and buzzer will be turned off. Event generation also depends on Generate event parameter: On Exit, On Entrance and On Both. Buzzer alarm does not depend on Generate event parameter and buzzer is triggered in any case if scooter is locked and instant movement is detected for configured timeout.

  • Pre-alarm timeout - Defines delay in seconds prior to generate Unauthorized movement start event and trigger buzzer.
  • Time to stable - Defines delay in seconds prior to generate Unauthorized movement end event and stop buzzer.
  • Buzzer On - Defines time in seconds for how long buzzer should be turned on.
  • Buzzer Period - Defines buzzer on period in seconds.

Note! It is NOT recommended to set Buzzer On and Buzzer Period parameters with same values, because accelerometer need some time to settle down. Buzzer sound vibes makes accelerometer to detect instant movement. As a result, accelerometer may never get back to stable position and buzzer will work continuously. It is advised to set Buzzer Period value at least 2 seconds bigger.


TST100 Fall Down.png

An event will be generated when TST100 left in certain position

  • Autocalibration - the device will automatically define ground vector if enabled and all FallDown conditions are met
  • Angle - determines and which angle event is generated (e-scooter dropped on the ground)
  • Timeout - time until even is generated

Last Known Position

Last Known Position.png

This feature adds low priority record AVL ID 386 to all records.
The record shows how much time in seconds has passed since last GNSS fix.

If the last good coordinate at the time the record is created is older than 60 seconds, then the new high priority record AVL ID 69 will be sent immediately after GNSS fix appears. No matter how many different records have been created when there was no GNSS fix, only one high priority AVL ID 69 record will be created when GNSS fix appears.

Unplug Detection

TST100 Unplug Detection.png

An event will be generated when TST100 is unplugged from external power or plugged back in again.

  • Eventual records
    Disable - scenario status value is sent in each AVL record.
    Enable - scenario status value is sent only in eventual AVL records.
  • Unplug Detection mode
    Simple - unplug detection according to external voltage only. Is used in kick e-scooters where power voltage is not dependent on ignition (recommended).
    Advanced - unplug detection according to external votage and accelerometer. Is used in kick e-scooters where power voltage is disconnected when ignition is switched off.
  • Buzzer control
    Enable - buzzer will be active if unplug detected
    Disable - buzzer disabled and won't activated if unplug is detected
    Buzzer ON duration in seconds - determines how long buzzer will be active when unplug is detected (min 0 , max 65535)

SIM Card Tamper Protection

SIM CArd Tamper Protection.png

* This parameter is available only with FW 55.01.10.Rev.00 or newer

This feature allows to detect if SIM card was removed of changed to other SIM cards by registered ICCID and lock scooter.

  • Enable/Disable SIM Tamper Protection - Enables or disables the feature.
  • ICCID - SIM Card ICCID. If left "0", the first detected ICCID will be registered.

NOTE! To force device to save record when SIM card is removed or another SIM card is inserted, configure ICCID IO in I/O window to be On Change.